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How do we help?

  • Create environments to match unique needs
  • Accept everyone as part of our local inclusive community regardless of abilities
  • Be empathetic & try to help
  • Get everyone involved
  • Create social opportunities together
  • Find services and reach out
  • Help everyone to find their own place within the community
  • Create tools to help overcome barriers
  • Have fun

Adult Day Program

The focus of our program will be to engage adults with developmental disabilities in daily group activities that will improve their social, life skills, allow for recreation and community involvement. The program will operate daily Monday through Friday from 8 am until 8 pm. There will be opportunities for a full or part time enrollment. In addition, weekend and summer camps will also be offered with a focus on socialization, recreation, physical activity and community outings. Meals and transportation will be provided.
The process of enrollment will include:

  1. Performing an initial individual needs assessment before admission into the program to assess participant needs and abilities (please contact out main telephone number to book an appointment and for further details)
  2. Development of individualized plan and learning goals that will address participants learning needs (improving their ability to care for self, learning to become more independent with activities of daily living, improving their social skills, allowing an opportunity to communicate with peers, improving physical abilities, and having their recreational needs met)
  3. Development of individualized treatment plan and provide case management that will include family participation and input, health monitoring, nutritional support, information on other community services and referral if needed
  4. Develop schedule of program attendance and evaluation of service availability

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