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About us and what we do

Fred’s Club is a Community Program delivered by a private, for-profit organization, Novelty Aging & Disability Support Corp. This program is for people with developmental disabilities between the ages of 21 and 45.

This program will soon open doors to a new Adult Day Program location for adults with developmental disabilities. It will be located in Mississauga and will provide a specialized physical space environment and an opportunity for program participants to socialize, learn or improve their life skills, engage in physical activities and explore local community. It will also allow caregivers to take some time off and engage their loved ones in meaningful social and recreational daily activities away from home.

At this point we are accepting referrals from families and organizations who are interested in enrolling their family member or clients in our future Adult Day Program (see How do we help? for more details on enrollment process).

Our Vision – Enabling independence within our inclusive community

Our Mission – Fred’s Club is a community based program dedicated to enhancing the lives of frail and / or disabled adults through the delivery of community based specialized services promoting healthy and independent community living.

Our Values - We value personal dignity and respect. We are your local organization enabling vulnerable community members to live independently.

We deliver care that is:
F – friendly & fun
R – respectful & recreational
E – engaging & evidence based and
D – dedicated to daily living training & support


  • Adult Day Program
  • Respite services
  • Socialization
  • Recreational camps
  • Life skills training
  • Physical activities
  • Transportation
  • Community exploration and participation
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Personal assistance services - assistance with activities of daily living, including meals, hygiene, bathing
  • Health monitoring, such as blood sugar testing, blood pressure, vital signs and weight monitoring
  • Community referrals
  • Links and information sharing

Future Services:

  • Assisted independent living accommodations
  • Transitional accommodations and care
Note: it is our goal to open our day treatment centre in the near future, however this depends on the amount of support we receive from the public and other organizations.


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